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So this looks AMAZING! The style, drawing, the way she's posed is just enough to tell you that a new year is about to arrive! That and ...

This is a very impressive looking work of art! The way that it shows that she means business can be shown very clearly, especially with...

So I find this to be a very impressive design on someting that you've seen in the past or something that seems to be around your area. ...

Wow this a really good turn out! The background looks awesome just like the coloring! The way she's posed looks like she's inspiring ot...

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Special Event Outcome
The special event was a HUGE success!! Emily and Serenis revealed that they are both pregnant to everyone at the party (Kyru announced it really) and the team was able to get a ton of midnight berries that made for a tasty cake that everyone enjoyed!! So that's it for that. Also in considering this Mission 32 so don't be confused if the next one is Mission 33
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 1 24
Hey guys!! Lucario here with special announcements for the group! It's getting really close! The 1-year annivasary of the group is comin up! That's what's going down!
Now for this event a WHOLE lot of stuff is gonna happen!!
1. The teams are gonna have one big party in a facility that hasn't been used in awhile in Moon City!
2. The event is going to be held on a Saturday then the actual group day because I have to work the real annivasary day.
3. Emily and Serenis have BIG news for the teams! It'll be quite a shock once you hear it!!
4. The mission that day will be held by me because the mission leader will be Kyru! Here's what the mission entails!
Special Mission: Gathering Berries!
Objective: Kyru want a part of the team to head to the forest north of the base and head to the heart of the forest! Inside there lies multiple pounds of berries! Collect as many as you possibly can and bring them back to the team! You won't actu
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 1 29
Mission 32
Mission: Purification Begins!1
Objective: Roz has finally made a map of the areas where the dark stones are located thanks to Barko and the others! Now the team will be able to take out the group of dark stones one by one. Roz already has a spot in sight and it happena to be to the far west, where the ruins of the kingdom that the veterans used to live! Not only that, but Barko has told Roz that the BPs won't be bothering them because they're busy looking for the other pieces! Finally a break from those boneheads! But the team shouldn't let their guard down!
Rank: Medium
Narrator: :iconlucario-bandit:
(I've also finished the details for the SPECIAL EVENT mission so I'll post that soon!)
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 0 3
Mission 31 Outcome
It went very well today! The team folowed the Liepard known as Shelia to an unforseen cave where a bunch of dark stones were. Luckily the team purified them all! However, the BPs decidedd to show up out of nowhere! Kaito was hit pretty badly, and if it hadnt been for Shelia, they probably would've lost the white stone for good! After that, Shelia revealed the real reason she wanted them gone, to protect her family of baby purrloins! They spoke their first words to the team and saw most of them. One day they'll go to the base and meet all the members! Not only that, but Ebony was able to reclaim her hope and confidence of the future!
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 0 85
Chat 31
Chat is now open for business!
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 0 0
Shade by Lucario-bandit Shade :iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 2 0
Today is my 19th birthday which is a surprise to me but hey who ever said a surprise had to be grand.
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 1 99
Advice for Others
So now that I've graduated from high school, let me give a lot of some good ol' advice if your still in high school or going into high school. And I'll number them so it's easier.
1. There really is only one definition for high school except for one. H E L L
2. When in high school, there will be a lot of people that cuss. My advice, LOOK THE WORDS UP. That way your not just using them out of nowhere like some idiots do.
3. Find a group to be in. Make friends and stick with them because you WILL get bullied in some way.
4. When in high school, don't do what some people do to be cool like smoking or drinking. Just be yourself and ignore threats. If it gets to a certain point where you can't take it anymore, TELL SOMEONE! It doesn't matter if it's a friend or an adult THEY WILL HELP.
5. Do things that will preoccupy with. Because you will get a lot of free time. Hang out with friends, go to the movies, or play video games. As long as it makes you happy.
6. This is probably one of the BI
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 3 2
Black Pirates (Member info)
So I decided to post the members of the Black Pirates
Leader: Yveltail
SubLeader: Zwel - Zwelious
Han - Gengar
Elect - Electrivire
??? - Dragonite
??? - Medichamp
Grey - Houndoom
Volc - Volcorona
Zor - Zoroark
Syl - Sylelly (Not sure if I spelled it right)
Non-Members: (Ones who've quit)
Ty - Floatzel
Yukkiko - Aloia Ninetails
Zap - Aloia Raichu
Arc - Arcanine
Blaze - Blaziken
Barcus - Weavile
Rhy - Rhyperior
So those are the members… for now.
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 1 0
Silver Rescue Team (Update)
Name: Silver Rescue Team
Leader: Kyruem (Call him Kyru)
Subleaders: Kaito the Garchomp, Tyko the Typhlosion
Other Leaders: Carlos the Lucario, Ebony the Mightyena, Wolfy the Absol
Mission Reporter: Roz the Quilava
:iconlucario-bandit: characters: Blaze the Gabite, Piedro the Swampert, Riki Frost (Umbreon), Tobias the Charmeleon, Riki Frost (Umbreon)
:iconmegaer: characters: Carlos the Lucario
Nicolas the Lucario
:iconespioboid: characters: Emily the Sylveon
Samuel the Lucarsol
:iconlightningboomer: characters: Yuuka the Aiolan Ninetails, Serene the Soul-Melloata, Serenis Frost (Flareon), Serra Dusk the Braxien
:iconalan-the-absol: characters: Alan the Absol
:iconlatios1056: characters: Wolfy the Absol
:icondarktheexcadrill: characters: Crag the Larvitar, Galaxis the Froslass
:iconluwickios97: characters: Ebony the Mightyena, Luwicki the Blazeiken
:icongoogleman911: character: Callum the Umbreon
:iconqartoons2003:character: Olia the Litwick, Shade the Yanmask, Grapel the Ivysau
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 2 0
Unavaiable Pokemon
So here's a list of pokemon that can no longer be used in NEW character bios!! If you get upset of the ones I say below, READ IT AGAIN AT THE TOP CUZ IM NOT ESPLAINING  unless you ask.
So the ones no longer available to use in NEW character bios are:
That's pretty much it for now
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 0 0
Night Rescue Team
So here's the team that was revealed in the last mission!
Former Leaders: Hydre the Hydreigon (Retired), Sol the Absol (Dead)
Leader: Sky the Soul-Fraxure
Side leader: Frost the Alora Sandshrew
Members: Ty the Floatzel, Barcon the Gallade
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 1 3
Introducing-Charecter Bios Templates by Lucario-bandit Introducing-Charecter Bios Templates :iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 1 0
It's pretty awesome feeling. I'll do a thing about my experience through high school later!
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 1 22
Mission 31
Mission: Purification Begins!
Objective: An Liepard has found a secret cave of dark stones and wants the rescue team to help out! They'll need to carry the white stone over there in order to purify the stoned. Unfortunately, the BPs have noticed this as well. Purify the stones before the BPs get there!
Rank: Medium
Narrator: : :iconespioboid:
It'll be held on Saturday at 3 pm my time. Just remember what I said in the description below this
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 0 12
New Student! (PMD Short)
In the Pokemon world, school is a basic usage of Pokemon and it has a new student who enters this Pokemon school. Everyone knows him as Kyro the Lucario, and he already hates everyone. He's been there for three weeks and people pick on him everyday. He started to stay away from everyone. Until something happened that changed this forever.....
Kyro sits in the corner writing done things as he was wearing a black jacket and other Pokemon walk past until three Bisharps come by to pester him as they did everyday and others watch.
"Well whatcha writing this time loser?" One of them asked.
"......" Kyro doesn't answer.
"Aww is momma' boy not going to talk today?" Another asked.
"...Leave me alone..." Kyro said hoping not to get beaten up again. He had enough bruises as it was.
"Well looks like we'll have to take it from him!" The third said sharpening his claws as they punch Kyto and kicks him against the wall making him groan in pain and cough some blood up,
"Stop it!" Someone yelled as a B
:iconlucario-bandit:Lucario-bandit 4 49
I just enjoy going with the flow and seeing what new ideas that I can come up with.


Contest entry ::Paula: by Jessie-Jewel Contest entry ::Paula: :iconjessie-jewel:Jessie-Jewel 22 13
Some Facts
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4). 
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.
Hmmm...I got tagged by MoonMan246 , who would like to know about Uri.
1. Uri is the third and final main character in the main comic series' I'm making.
2. Unlike Yalini and Shiri, he's more positive and distracted.
3. He doesn't have a partner (yet)
4. Uri will have his own comic in the future, but it'll focus more on his life, not saving the world or anything like that.
5. His fur is like a galaxy. An endless void, but ever changing stars and dust.
6. He's afraid of water.
7. He's the only main male protagonist in my three comics.
8. Uri acts like a pup, but is actually good in problem solving.
I think that's it...I don't know who to tag.
:iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 6 22
Nexus Yalini (Bio) by StarlightNexus-Chan Nexus Yalini (Bio) :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 90 97 Art trade with ashleyrodriguez1997 by Jessie-Jewel Art trade with ashleyrodriguez1997 :iconjessie-jewel:Jessie-Jewel 16 9 .:Art Trade with namrii:. by xXAriaKnightXx .:Art Trade with namrii:. :iconxxariaknightxx:xXAriaKnightXx 43 33 Come With Us! by StarlightNexus-Chan Come With Us! :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 86 140 100+ watchers Thank you!!!!! by vocaloidninja1999 100+ watchers Thank you!!!!! :iconvocaloidninja1999:vocaloidninja1999 50 166 .:Commission For DarkSonic250 #2:. by xXAriaKnightXx .:Commission For DarkSonic250 #2:. :iconxxariaknightxx:xXAriaKnightXx 29 18 Art Trade with nielaadopts by Jessie-Jewel Art Trade with nielaadopts :iconjessie-jewel:Jessie-Jewel 17 3 Queen Diamond the succubus Hedgie by Jessie-Jewel Queen Diamond the succubus Hedgie :iconjessie-jewel:Jessie-Jewel 15 10
Affinity Mission Board 1
*Everyone sees in the Residence halls was a new board that Gil was setting up! He turns around as you come over*
Gil: I know I'm not the most qualified person to make one of these, but I thought I'd try. We need to be a close fighting team, so try to get buddy buddy with people through this. And if you have any personal problems post them here too.
(NOW TO BE CLEAR! IF SOMEONE ELSE DOES A MISSION ITS OKAY! THESE MISSIONS ARE MADE TO BE DONE BY MORE THAN ONE PERSON! These missions are also just a starting point for later ones that at the end have a large number of rewards!)
-Mother's Day: Gil needs a friend to come with him to a special place of his. Wanna go with?
-A Blank Slate: Stark has an item that he has no clue what it does. Help him find out what it is?
-Hearts of Demons: It's the anniversary since Carmen and Zexren got together. Wanna help Romero plan a surprise for them?
-Another Piece: Taris wishes to go to the Truthverse to confirm a suspicion he has. Wanna go with?
:iconshatteredfates:ShatteredFates 1 133
.:Female Name your prize Adopt +Necromancer+:. by xXAriaKnightXx .:Female Name your prize Adopt +Necromancer+:. :iconxxariaknightxx:xXAriaKnightXx 46 19 ~ Jess . . . p o s s e s s e d ~ by ThisIsYourJudgement ~ Jess . . . p o s s e s s e d ~ :iconthisisyourjudgement:ThisIsYourJudgement 11 60 Yandere Amethyst by Sonicgirlfriend65 Yandere Amethyst :iconsonicgirlfriend65:Sonicgirlfriend65 14 3 Many Lights by StarlightNexus-Chan Many Lights :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 99 77 (Gift) You are my friend by LuWickios97 (Gift) You are my friend :iconluwickios97:LuWickios97 11 13
I feel that every thing that I make as my fav is everyone fav!


The special event was a HUGE success!! Emily and Serenis revealed that they are both pregnant to everyone at the party (Kyru announced it really) and the team was able to get a ton of midnight berries that made for a tasty cake that everyone enjoyed!! So that's it for that. Also in considering this Mission 32 so don't be confused if the next one is Mission 33
12 deviations



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

I was tagged by my friend: TheGreatGrayWolfSif

Comment and I'll say

how attractive I think you are ❤️:
[] ... :')
[] ok
[] you're cute!
[] gorgeous/beautiful
[] hot B)
[] perfect~ 
[] I honestly dunno what you look like!

what we'd look like in a picture:
[] normal
[] holding hands
[] pulling faces
[] doin couple poses

what we'd do if we lived together:
[] party, party, party!!!
[] eat ice cream for breakfast
[] have pillow fights
[] have movie nights 
[] cuddle and kees
[] we would never live together in the first place >:v

what I'd do if you snuck into my room at night:
[] scrEAM
[] throw a pillow at you and tell you to get out >:0
[] grin mischievously
[] watch movies with you
[] let you stay the night 
[] kees/cuddle you
[] bluuuuush
[] attack you

what I'd do to you if we were in the rain:
[] push you into a puddle
[] kees you
[] let you in under my umbrella 
[] give you my jacket 
[] hop on your back
[] dance with you!!
[] skedaddle

what I'd do if we kissed :
[] smile and blush ("s-senpai...")
[] be surprised 
[] push you away (gently)
[] pull you closer
[] bite your lip so you'd bleed >:v
[] wonder if we would kiss again

what kind of hug I'd give you:
[] a lil side hug! nothing intrusive
[] a long, dramatic hug~~
[] a sweet hug!! lots of snuggles
[] a bIG BEAR HUG WHERE I PICK YOU UP AND SWING YOU AROUND (to the best of my abilities)
[] I just wouldn't hug you B')

if I'd date you:
[] yeah!!
[] nah
[] I'm not sure??

you should...
[] be my homie
[] be mY BAE ;*
[] talk to me more
[] put this in your journal so I can comment too


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I like art and the way that people draw them. I'm okay at art but not very good. I'm a cool guys who just goes with what he's got. Oh, and I always go with the present. I don't really care about the past much or the future, so I go for the present to fill me up with excitement! Wahoo!!…………………

If you guys want to talk on skype here's my username: ShadowWolf4X


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